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The easiest and most secure way to order is through our on-line catalog. However we also accept orders by fax, telephone and regular post. See below.

Due to an increase in postage fees for international mail, all invoices sent to an address different from the shipping address will be surcharged $1.20US for USA and $2US for international addresses. Up to now we have been absorbing these costs but we can no longer afford to do so.
Shipping charges:  
The following shipping & handling charges (in Canadian $) will be added to the invoice: 
  • Canadian orders: $3.20 for first cd, $0.50 for each additional cd.
  • USA orders: $4.80 CDN for first cd, $.75 CDN for each additional cd.
  • International orders (Airmail): $8.60 CDN for first cd, $6.50 CDN for each additional cd. 
Canadian orders must add 5% GST and Quebec orders must add 5% GST plus 9.5% PST.
Multiple sets are charged as multiple cds. Because of the weight, 10inch and 12inch vinyl shipping charges are calculated for each order and you will contaced about the costs before we charge you.
The price on out-of-stock items may vary on restocking due to fluctuations in currency exchange or prices from distributors. We reserve the right to change prices without notice if our cost changes. Please note that sometimes the price will go down.

We will keep backorders for up to 90 days if requested. Backorders can only be shipped automatically if we have your credit card information.

Visa or Mastercard: We issue bills from Canada according to the Canadian $ price. Your credit card company will bill you according to the rate of exchange on the day they process your bill. If you order by e-mail you may mail, fax or phone us with your credit card information, separately if you wish. You will be charged only when the goods are shipped. We will need to know: 
  • Which card (Visa or Mastercard) 
  • Card number 
  • Name of cardholder 
  • Expiry date (mm/yy) 
  • Security code on the back of the card 
  • Your signature (on mail or fax orders) 
  • Daytime telephone no. 
  • E-mail Address (if you have one) 
International postal money orders made payable to: Cheap Thrills
Do not prepay, we will e-mail your invoice to you. 

PayPal - info@cheapthrills.ca

Send orders to the following address:
2044 Metcalfe street
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 1X8
tel : 514-844-8988 
fax: 514-844-0187 

The catalogs may be downloaded as well as browsed or searched on-line. If you would like to download please select one or more of the options below. Catalogs are ascii text files arranged in alphabetical order by artist. The prices are in US dollars (US$) and Canadian dollars (CA$).  

The catalog is limited to titles we actually have in the store on the day the catalog was updated with few exceptions*. We have chosen this strict form of catalog to avoid disappointments and delays in filling orders. Unfortunately it does not reflect recent releases, restocked titles, or all available titles on labels we have in stock. Regular customers realize that we offer titles beyond this catalog. 

The catalog download page.

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